25 Comments to “Singlehanded sailing voyage from BC to Hawaii”

  1. Ray Rothermel

    Fascinating video. But the thing that always bothers me about these videos
    is the wind sound distortion. Is there a proper fix for that depending on
    the kind of video camera you are using?

  2. pgreenx

    Just curious how you sleep and if you rely solely on the AIS alerting you
    to ships (and what about all the boats without is transmitters)? thanks.
    great video!

  3. Ian Gill

    great video Aries are great wind vanes and hold course wind wise which on
    long passages is good, the designer apparently said nothing was immune to
    damage from the sea but he had tried . ( or something like that )

  4. Mark Julius

    Good video. Thank you for sharing. I have a few questions if you don’t
    mind: How much food did you bring for the trip? Did you do any fishing? Can
    you explain how that mechanical wind vane works? Did you bring any fresh
    fruits and vegetables? Thanks again for the video. Thumbs up. ☺ ⛵

  5. Claude C

    Disappointed. 🙁 Title says, “from BC to Hawaii” but when the video starts
    you’re already 250 miles of the California coast. I live on Vancouver
    Island, been to Port Renfrew many times and was looking forward to seeing
    familiar sights. along with all the rest of your trip.

  6. John Cook

    With the servo arm gone and the electric auto pilot not functional, use a
    couple of blocks to cross the jib sheets to the tiller. Provides self
    steering. That’s why tillers are good on small boats like yours. Other than
    a few mine have all been larger and had wheel steering. Fortunately I’m
    pretty crafty and have been able to fix whatever broke. 

  7. Jon Clark

    To funny : ) Your boat is no Spencer. Its an Ericson. How did that
    mistake get made? I’m sure you know your boat right?

  8. Jon Clark

    Really enjoyed your video and narration! Your boat looks so much like an
    Ericson especially with the Ericson logo on your main. Thanks for posting

  9. Mike Hirko

    Your video starts on the 4th day off CA…how was the trip down the WA and
    OR coast? How far off shore did you sail down the coast?

  10. Perf Ent

    I’ve watched this video five times over the last year. Love the music, the
    sound of your voice, and the way you worked your way through the problem.
    It all adds up to a great description of the pace of a voyage. Thank you.

  11. Blogen Geezer

    Met Kevin, tall younger guy, retired govt employee from BC, while he was
    weathering, sheltered in Winchester Bay Oregon on way to Hawaii last year.
    Wondered how he managed with his solo journey aboard his 34 double ender?
    Said if he was enjoying the trip, around the world was a possibility..
    Thanks for the vid. May you be blessed with great sailing.

  12. Jett Rink

    A trip I took many times in the late 70’s early 80’s. I worked for a group
    that delivered sailboats. They had a side of the business that would
    deliver boats to Hawaii from North America. The owners would fly over and
    meet their craft and sail around the islands. Most often we would then
    return it to anywhere from Juneau to San Diego.

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