25 Comments to “Setting Sail by Machinimasound”

  1. Sizzlin Jalapeno

    This song is AMAZING! Bam liked, shared, subscribed. Something I would
    hesitate to do with other audio channels. MachinimaSound you guys are
    awesome keep up the good work and you lot deserve at least 5 million subs,
    I’ve heard other songs that you and your composers have posted, AMAZING!

  2. Ryan Strait

    One of the best songs of this type, well done! Making a CD with the ones I
    like (not all of them obviously, the ones actually by machinimasound).

  3. Blasphxmy

    I must say your music is amazing every time I listen I picture so many
    awesome scenes for my upcoming machinima. We’ll certainly be using some of
    your tracks in our machinimas with full credit provided to you of course.

  4. Machinimasound

    All I can say is keep at it. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to
    get you started, and perhaps look into some music theory too. Search for
    Warbeats. He’s got a nice pace to his videos that I think is good for

  5. Airan360

    Hey guys if u would, im starting to do music. first time. and i need
    comments. somethings i dont understand. would u look up my u tube page and
    look at the fl studio stuff?

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