S2Maui Recalls Josh Angulo

Two-time world champion Josh Angulo is very happy to be returning to his old team where he had enjoyed a huge success in his career.

The transfer move of the close season is through and Josh joins the S2Maui once again. He will once again be joining forces with Barry Spanier and Art Szpunar. The three joined together to enjoy major success on the world tour.

Josh was over the moon with this new transfer and he believes that he is truly back where he should belong in the first place. He said that he was indebted to Art and Barry for getting him back into the S2Maui team. He said that he gained a lot working with Art and Barry and learned the performance first policy from them.

Josh believes that Art is a perfectionist in spite of having a mellow character. Barry is great at tutoring and both of them will help him to achieve even further heights in the sailing world. They are the best windsurfing tutors that he could have ever gotten.

Josh did not waste any time in showering praises for the S2Maui. He said that the S2Maui is the lightest sail in the market and its combination of light backward pressure and forward draft, great stability, ease of rotation and lightness have made him fall in love with it. He enjoyed the wave sails when he tested the Maui.

Artur Szpunar said that it was a pleasure to work with the two-time champion in the past and their association led to some great success like the 2009 PWA wave title. Art was hoping to get to work with Josh once again and now that he has joined them, Art is looking forward to enjoying the same competitive success that the trio had when they were together last time.