25 Comments to “Port Blue Setting Sail”

  1. IronRAVENxvx

    The best instrumentals from him imo always come from those whose titles or
    lyrics concern ships/sailing/sailboats and seagulls. 

  2. Alonzo Ramon

    If you guys are into Port Blue or anything ambient, instrumental, or
    electronic that Adam Young has created in the past, you should check out my
    band, Aerial Harbor. I create “ambientronic” music. Here’s a playlist of
    some songs I’m going to release for an upcoming album in the near future

    If you like it, give me some feedback and spread the word!


  3. Adeline Harture

    It sounds like you could be looking at yourself through the waters of the
    ocean. Or you could be sailing across the Atlantic. Real beautiful.

  4. Ethan Kirkmeyer

    Okay imagine if he re-recorded this song with the resources he has now.
    Like he most likely did this with a laptop and some recorded drums. Imagine
    the sound of real strings and better quality producing. I would cry!!

  5. Geovane Moraisx

    I agree with you. This was the first instrumental song that made ​​me cry,
    sometimes I find myself reflecting, listening to this song, and when i see
    I’m already crying. Adam really is a genius, all his songs mean a lot to me.

  6. milarii

    Actually it sounds a lot like I Hope You Think Of Me at that part 🙂 but
    that song isn’t very well known… So probably not what you were thinking
    of 🙂

  7. Amber Rizzi

    Finally some1 who feels how i feel! Adam IS so much better than Beiber and
    Minaj…. he creates the art that is music, not the trash most artists
    today make it! He uses his soul, his feeling, his belief in God…. while
    others just say “Hey, Im an undressed rapper!” to attract attention. An
    ordinary person who doesn’t let fame go to his head is an inspiration,
    unlike so many artists on the radio today! Voila! I present…. Adam Young!

  8. Chickennugg3ts

    If everybody made music like Adam Young did, there would be no wars and
    everyone would daydream no matter how old or young you are, the color of
    your skin, or what langue you speak. That would be epic! =D

  9. Minty

    I think he was pointing out that they are different genres, so why would
    they be sharing the same crown? Though I personally don’t feel like Adam
    Young and Eminem are even comparable, since I consider Adam Young’s music
    to be much better than Eminem. Like whatever you like though, as long as
    you aren’t shoving it down people’s throats.

  10. Chris Stumper △

    I made a music video to Adam’s Port Blue track “Frigid Airport Lounge” on
    my channel. I’d love to know what you guys think 🙂

  11. Sam Torrance

    Port Blue, Windsor Airlift, Sky Sailing, Owl City – all pretty incredible.
    Adam really is gifted in his musical creativity.

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