Rob Greenhlagh looked back at his victory in Bermuda MothFest last year as the next Moth World event comes near.

2016 was the second consecutive year when Greenhalgh was able to defend his win in MS Amlin International Moth Regatta. Last year it was hosted by Bermuda Yacht Club. Greenhlagh looks back at the win and states that it had been a win that was hard to get. The regatta had been different every year. The first year had offered consistent weather which has made the win easier. In the second year the lead he obtained only on the last day. When weather conditions fluctuate as it did in 2016 it becomes complex and harder to determine one’s position in the competition.

Fletcher-Scott had been his closest opponent in the 2016 race. The difference was quite close and Fletcher-Scott was in second position. Even though he was able to finish ahead of Greenhalgh in the first race the latter was able to gain the first position in the final. This was disappointing for Fletcher, who had been hopeful and had held a steady position in the waters. Continue Reading


Two-time world champion Josh Angulo is very happy to be returning to his old team where he had enjoyed a huge success in his career.

The transfer move of the close season is through and Josh joins the S2Maui once again. He will once again be joining forces with Barry Spanier and Art Szpunar. The three joined together to enjoy major success on the world tour.

Josh was over the moon with this new transfer and he believes that he is truly back where he should belong in the first place. He said that he was indebted to Art and Barry for getting him back into the S2Maui team. He said that he gained a lot working with Art and Barry and learned the performance first policy from them.

Josh believes that Art is a perfectionist in spite of having a mellow character. Barry is great at tutoring and both of them will help him to achieve even further heights in the sailing world. They are the best windsurfing tutors that he could have ever gotten. Continue Reading


Kim Anderson has taken up a new position as president of the World Sailing organization.

He was recently interviewed about his new position and his views on how the Olympic Games fared this year for the global sailing participants. He has recently taken charge and hence, he states that currently he is busy taking charge and meeting people in order to understand the state of affairs and the kind of changes or implementations that need to be done.

He states that currently many people are visiting him and congratulating him on his new post. Many are providing him vital inputs on the current state of affairs and what needs to be done. Understandably, the first weeks of his appointment have been turbulent as there were the Olympics are going on, after which several decisions had to be taken in the course forward for the organization. Continue Reading


Today sailing occurs in different categories. If you look at extreme sailing, it is a sport that has been dominated by team Russia this year. They have been in leading positions before and this year they have staged a comeback for sure. Phil Robertson is known as the million dollar man and he has achieved victory recently in the World Match Racing Tour.

He would be heading the team Russia as they gear up to participate in Extreme Sailing Series. The team will join the event that would be taking place on the Neva River. They would be staging a wild card entry. Their entry would be for Act 5 at St Petersburg which is being presented by SAP. It would take place in the first weekend of September. Continue Reading


Abelin has won the sailing crown in North America for the third time. You might have seen pictures of Bob Abelin as he poses by the Blue Pearl along with his trophy. This was the win that he achieved in 2014 at San Juan. It was the 21st North American Championship that was held at Oak Harbor in Washington.

In that competition he had won the first place along with his crew in the category of All Sails. It has been the second time that Abelin has won the race as the first time was in 2010 when the race had been at Canyon Ferry Reservoir. Continue Reading