Kim Anderson Heads World Sailing

Kim Anderson has taken up a new position as president of the World Sailing organization.

He was recently interviewed about his new position and his views on how the Olympic Games fared this year for the global sailing participants. He has recently taken charge and hence, he states that currently he is busy taking charge and meeting people in order to understand the state of affairs and the kind of changes or implementations that need to be done.

He states that currently many people are visiting him and congratulating him on his new post. Many are providing him vital inputs on the current state of affairs and what needs to be done. Understandably, the first weeks of his appointment have been turbulent as there were the Olympics are going on, after which several decisions had to be taken in the course forward for the organization.

As per his personal experience, he has been part of the World Sailing organization and hence he is no stranger to the way the organization works. He has been with the council for eight years as well as on the equipment committee and the events committee. The structure and workings of the organization are familiar with him. As a result this has not been difficult, taking up the new position in an organization that he has been a part of. However, the role is new and responsibilities are greater. It is too early for him to define the action points that he would be working upon and the direction he would be providing for the organization. He looks forward to collaborating with those who have been around for several years in order to understand the path forward that needs to be defined by the organization for all global events that it controls and directs.