25 Comments to “Hawaii to Fanning Island – Sailing South Pacific Pt.1 – The Voyage Of Emerald Steel”

  1. Johnny Wilson

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your video’s tonight. I started on #1
    and watched all the way through to #29. A wonderful life you two live
    together sailing the seas. You two are a wonderful couple, perfectly
    matched and I was smiling all the way through video after video. It’s now
    5:10 am and I just finished them.
    I too am planning on living aboard a boat in the near future. I will be 65
    this September 27th, if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise.
    I’m waiting kinda late in the game to get started but figure I still have
    some good years ahead of me.
    I just hope I can find me a first mate as talented and pretty as Susie. It
    was a pleasant surprise to get some fantastic cooking tips too. I’m very
    tempted to go to the Waffle House lol.
    God bless you two and may the sun shine warmly upon your faces and fair
    winds to your backs.

  2. Beatrice Bellemere

    thanks for sharing I sailed from Hawai to Fanning back in 1977 on board
    of the yacht Wishbone . We stayed on Fanning for 2 months . Such a
    wonderful time .

  3. Trevor Cozens

    Is she a copy of Slocums Spay? I helped to finish a close copy that was
    built from the lines out of his book, quite a few years ago. Great Video.

  4. Barry Smith

    A nice video. I am intrigued to learn how to make baggy wrinkles and
    install them on my 30ft East Coast yacht. I will search out further of your
    videos. Cheers

  5. Nathaniel Azataer

    ahh ahhh bati kanang mo video mo kanang ngaay makita nga tao sa sud sonod
    og mag video mo taronga ninyo ha kasbot mo.

  6. Laura Van House

    I remember suggesting hitting the fish over the head with a club or
    something. You tried the wench handle. There was blood everywhere. He
    wouldn’t go down. Rick

  7. Emerald Steel

    So, you don’t see a girl? Hmmmm. Maybe she’s the one taking the video.
    Anyways, if you had watched the whole video you would have seen her. Thanks
    for the comment and watching.

  8. giodelbo

    Very nice to sail the ocean by old vessels. Low speeds, deep feelings, long
    times. Maybe as time is slower, life is longer. Keep on sailing on old
    wood. We are with you, by heart.

  9. Emerald Steel

    Yes, as you could see the Marlin was very close to our boat and we could
    have gaffed it but it would have been a crime to kill such a beautiful fish
    just for sport. We only keep what we can eat. Thanks for commenting and

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