Extreme Racing Series In September

Today sailing occurs in different categories. If you look at extreme sailing, it is a sport that has been dominated by team Russia this year. They have been in leading positions before and this year they have staged a comeback for sure. Phil Robertson is known as the million dollar man and he has achieved victory recently in the World Match Racing Tour.

He would be heading the team Russia as they gear up to participate in Extreme Sailing Series. The team will join the event that would be taking place on the Neva River. They would be staging a wild card entry. Their entry would be for Act 5 at St Petersburg which is being presented by SAP. It would take place in the first weekend of September.

The crew that he would captain would be familiar faces mostly, along with some sailors he met on a Scottish Bareboat charter. They would be supported in this venture by St Petersburg Yacht Club. The series would be launching the second half of their season this year and that is when this team will be making an entry. The team would comprise of sailors who are familiar with extreme racing and even participated in the series earlier. Hence, they would be comfortable charting the waters in a stadium like race courses that are designed for such water races.

However, the vessel that would be manned by them would be a new catamaran which is about the GC32 hydro foiling model. This boat replaces the previous catamaran of Extreme 40 style and design. Robertson stated that this would be a challenge that they would be new to compared to other teams who are already familiar with the vessel. However, they are confident that their old tricks will work well and give them an upper hand in the extreme sailing races coming up next month.