24 Comments to “Come Sail Away Lyrics Styx”

  1. Theminecraftguy4ever

    Today, I was at work cleaning out the sink (I work as a waiter), and as the
    sink was flooding, I dropped in a small plastic cup. As it floated there,
    without even thinking I sang in the exact way it goes at the beginning of
    this song “I’m sailing away!” I had forgotten all about this song until
    then. Haha

  2. Keenan Kelly

    Thanks to my parents, this is the stuff I grew up on. In my personal
    opinion, this beats the hell out of anything that’s coming out now.

  3. Hunter Heppe

    I learned of this band through my Dad. He once mentioned that he liked
    them, and they and Ted Nugent, and REO Speedwagon were playing a concert
    the day before his birthday, so at the Age of 12 I bought him two tickets
    and he took me to the concert with him. I spent 150 bucks at 12 for my dad
    and I to have time together. It will always be remembered by me and him. 

  4. JayLethal

    Really annoying when retards come and say some main stream person or show
    brought them here.These songs are great and were popular before your
    unfunny main stream piece of media brought you here.

  5. 314rft

    3:14 to 4:20 That section of the song was a big part of my childhood. I
    forget the first time I heard it, but I always remember being mystified by
    it. I would hope that it would come on when-ever the radio was turned on,
    and would be pleasantly surprised when it did. I can’t believe that it took
    me 13 years to ACTUALLY look up the song. (I’m just about 15 btw).

  6. Mrsroth

    I had an emergency surgery, and all of the people I loved who passed on
    were there when I was under. When I awoke, “a gathering of angels appeared
    above my head” was on repeat in my head. This song has a special place.

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