25 Comments to “Bastion Soundtrack – Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)”

  1. Skanet

    Video games are not art, they say. Play Bastion, Transistor, The Last Of
    Us, The Walking Dead, Journey and shut the hell up, I say. 

  2. Anthan Krufix

    An emotional rollercoaster unmatched by any other game, or indeed any other
    media I know of.
    Cool gameplay too.

  3. ShadowHoodsEclipse

    did anyone just… cry at the end of this game, no art, because COD and
    Bastion shouldn’t be classed in the same thing, Sersiously though, I found
    the loop choice so freakin’ sad, and The Evac made me feel worse, simply
    because The Calamity killed so many, And I couldn’t save them

  4. Travis Cheney

    One of my all time favorite games, and one of my all time favorite songs.
    The feelings this song evoked… It’s amazing.

  5. cloak211

    I like how the lyrics change from “Mother, I’m here,” to “Brother, I’m
    here.” Really nails that point that Zulf and the Kid have moved on, seeking
    comfort in each other (brothers) rather than the things lost in the past
    (Kid’s mother, Zulf’s fiance).

  6. OMyGodwtfbbq

    I haven’t even played this game and i’m stuck on this song…just over and
    …I need to play this game

  7. Isaxus

    It sucks that i wanna do 2 playthrougs but i chose to evacuate on the first
    one so now i have to restore on the second one and i don’t want to leave
    the game like that, in an infinate loop :(

  8. Walinator

    To Be Honest I’m Doing A Series Of This (Not Advertising) and Cried Through
    it. The ending to this game is just great and i had to release the emotions
    that bundled in me. This game shows lots of meaning. I Rate this game the
    best i’ve ever played.

  9. Carmenyoohoo

    I don’t even know how to express how beautiful and heartfelt this game was
    to me. Is. Forever will be. This game is one hell of an emotional ride. And
    the music score isn’t much different. 

  10. AdmiralObviousAckbar

    It’s too bad they aren’t going to do anything more with this setting. I’d
    really like to see a game, cartoon, or even comic that goes more in-depth
    about what life was like before the Calamity.

  11. Umut Şimşek

    my english is not that good to understand all subtitles , probably i
    understood %50 -70 of them but this song make me feel sad and im about to
    cry dont know why , just ended it in steam discount week..

  12. Jukantos

    Starting a new game plus, FALLING off my chair after the first 10 seconds,
    because of a detail i didn’t understand when i first played it.

    “Good bye kid. I’ll see you in the next one”.

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