24 Comments to “Bastion Soundtrack LIVE: Build That Wall — Setting Sail, Coming Home”

  1. Brian Bridges

    The harmonization halfway through is my favorite. Great game in and of
    itself, but the music was 20% of the reason I played it. Super good

  2. nunez3613

    i know its a few years late. but i heard you guys (supergiantgames) gave a
    free game cd to my brothers and sisters in Afghanistan because they asked
    for it.mainly because they couldn’t get your game overseas. not many
    company’s would do that and i applaud you, for what it means. 

  3. Luioomba

    They sound just as good live <3 that's why it's more impressive and good.
    This song is so pretty though. I watched someone play the game Bastion
    through for the first time this year :). I really like the mix of female
    and male duets, but how the lyrics flll and catch on another. 

  4. faze XxXFedoraLord420XxX

    This really bugs me, when he says “Mother I’m here” I always hear it as
    “Brother I’m here.” I know it’s supposed to be mother, but goddamn it
    sounds like brother.

  5. CircleTheSkies

    “Setting Sail, Coming Home” is perhaps the most beautiful track in a good

    I think it’s because it interweaves two previous songs together perfectly.

  6. Kii Singaku

    I have never liked a game for soundtrack. This game is very good, no doubt.
    But three songs from this game are so good that you would just fall in love
    with the music. 

  7. Tobias Merriman

    This game, it’s art, and of course it’s music puts to rest Roger Ebert’s
    challenge that video games are not art. Bastion is beautiful in every way
    that a human creation can be.

    When I first heard Zia singing in game, echoing across the map to me behind
    the battle, I was chilled. When I finally found her, I did not speak to
    her until the song was over. I was mesmerized. 

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