25 Comments to “Bastion OST – Build That Wall – Mother, I’m Here – Setting Sail, Coming Home”

  1. illdiewithoutpi

    I was just casually listening to build that wall, and then mother im here
    started playing, aka “the relentless attack of the feels”. this game was
    amazing, but the soundtrack was the best part of the experience. (in my

  2. wastelander8899

    This music is so powerful that i listened to it in the morning and was very
    depressed for most of the day.

  3. Gigajoule Candy

    This game is so amazing, the soundtrack is perfect, I wouldn’t want it any
    other way down the billionth of a second, it’s amazing, it’s more than
    amazing actually.
    The ambient yet, chaotic nature of it all. 

  4. Original Narrator

    Mother I’m Here always reminds me of the very last page in The Stranger.
    Those last four paragraphs, damn Camus.

  5. Captain Obvious

    The first song is from the point of view of the Zura (or whatever they’re
    called) as they prepare to attack the Celondians

  6. Areo Fox

    “Mother , I`m Here” Wait wasnt the Goddess of death reffered to as “Mother”
    In that universe? If Yes. Then that song is technically about imminent

  7. Gigajoule Candy

    I don’t think any other game amazed me.
    I would love to feel what I felt the first time I played this game.

  8. wierdo1533

    Its weird, it took me several listens to really grasp how grim and
    foreshadowing these songs are for the game. It makes scary sense O.O

  9. Jatarra James

    I think the music in Bastion is 10/10. The narration god like. The gameplay
    and the style of the world its self is about a 5/10 not bad not great.
    Bastion is an overhead combat brawler with shooting. I used a key board and
    mouse so it was very hard to actually shoot and move where I wanted go, but
    after I used an xbox emulator for my usb controller it felt better. Story
    wise I give Bastion a 9 because you make 2 major decisions. Do you save
    Zolf I think his name was or leave him to die in the hands of Ura, secondly
    do you undo time and save everyone else only to repeat the mistakes that
    left the world destitute over and over again, or do you leave the world in
    this state and carry on. Its powerful whatever choice you make. In my first
    playthrough I left the world as it was and saved Zolf. In my second I undid
    the past, still saved Zolf, but I realized at least for me that undoing the
    past was just going to lead to the same conclusion. The world in utter
    chaos. Unless anyone could remember the tragic event you cant save anyone
    from the inevitable future. Carrying on was the best you could do. Anyway I
    just found it odd how The Kid survived but we’re never really given an
    explanation as to why. 

  10. Hex Zero

    Need more music like this. I’ve always been a fan of these kind of western
    sounding songs. Any suggestions?

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